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The Benefits and Remuneration for IREM Certified Property Managers

Becoming an IREM member automatically ties your professional practice to the world’s top property management association. It means you’re joining a community of professionals that excel on an ongoing basis and continue to set the bar high for the rest to follow. If you’re an IREM Certified Property Manager (CPM), you can expect attractive remuneration and other career perks.

IREM CPMs may enjoy the following benefits:

More Earnings

Certainly, the satisfaction of being at the top of the “food chain” in the world of real estate management is sufficient motivation to seek IREM mentoring toward becoming a CPM. Nonetheless, in case you’re in the dark regarding the average certified property manager salary, you’ll be pleased to discover that a CPM professional earns exceptionally well. A recent survey indicates that the mean pay for a CPM candidate member is $92, 544. The mean salary for CPM members hits the $135, 162 mark. Definitely, the salary is exceptionally attractive by all accounts.

Increased Employment Opportunities

Earning the qualification of a certified property manager is one thing and getting a job as one is a different matter altogether. The good news is that IREM fulfills both of your needs! Great tidings await you following your completion of the IREM tutorship course as the association aggressively markets CPM credentials to property owners and other industry players looking to hire. The CPM is a recognized brand with a life of its own, and once you achieve it, prospective employers and clients know the level of expertise you offer and the corresponding salary you expect them to pay.

Achieving Your Dream Career

In case you strongly believe in your capability to join the industry’s best real estate managers but the career aspiration keeps evading, maybe you should assess possible areas of improvement. Your ordinary property manager feels okay, pretty much like their peers, but that’s their main weakness! If among your top personal career aspiration is to become the industry’s cr?me de la cr?me, you have to be different from the ordinary professional, which you may accomplish through IREM tutorship.

You certainly can use the CPM as your industry leverage and set yourself apart from competition toward attaining unrivalled professional dominance. Possessing the designation indicates that you boast outstanding expertise to take care of all real estate financial and asset management tasks, paving the way for an illustrious career. Similarly, you are revolutionary in the manner you handle real estate management, and you’re keen to establish a permanent impact through ethical practices as required by the industry’s high bar, guaranteeing improved living for all the tenants and residents under your care.

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