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The Four Pillars to Health and Wellness

Today’s healthcare system seems to be developing a generation of folks who keep getting sick and are constantly being subscribed drugs to cure these ailments. Using these medicines over a long period have been known to weaken our immune system together with our aura and the pH balance of our bodies.

How long you live together with the quality of life you have is all dependent on your health and wellness. But unfortunately, most folks now are either confused or are purposely mislead into a number of unhealthy habits and diet. Let’s look at some of the pillars that will ensure your health and wellness.

1st Pillar of Health

Our aura is the first thing you need to know in this four-point plan of health and wellness. With the bombardment of electronic computers, gadgets, mobile phones, and several variations of digital toys, studies have suggested that our aura continues to weaken consequently allowing foreign elements to attack our bodies constantly. To prevent this from happening, we need to come up with ways to protect this very important natural defense system of our bodies.

2nd Pillar of Health

This pillar of health and wellness is our natural defense known as the immune system. The immune system is supposed to protect our bodies from diseases that can harm our bodies.

This immune system consists of many protective cells that can combat these diseases head on and they include the T-cells, B-cells and so on which are responsible for protecting our body’s immune system.

3rd Pillar of Health

The third pillar of health and wellness is our body pH balance. The pH of a normal healthy person should be alkaline since an acidic pH is known to habour many diseases and illnesses. The lower the pH balance degree of your body, the higher the odds of your body being diseased. The acidic pH of the body can be attributed to overcooked and processed foods we consume on a daily basis along with the highly acidic drinks we consume. We need to improve our diet if we want to maintain the pH balance of our bodies.

4th Pillar of Health

This last plan in the four-point plan towards health and wellness is the lifestyle we lead. This entails that we make it a habit to do daily exercises even though not vigorous, to keep our bodies fit and healthy. We also need to reduce stress, toxins, carcinogens and any other drug or chemicals that will compromise our immune system.

All of these pillars discussed above have been proven to be critical in maintaining health and wellness of the body.

You can click on the various health and wellness websites found on the internet and click on their homepage to get started on learning more on this four pillars.

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