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Types of Loading Dock Gear

In order to ensure easy and safe offloading and loading of material at the harbor, use of dock loading equipment is vital. This article will discuss the different kinds of dock equipment, their uses and also characteristics.

First there is the Dock Levelers. This equipment ensures easy movement of goods from the docks to the trucks. Dock levers form a bridge between the harbor and the trailers, therefore, making sure there is a safe and easy transfer of goods. The type of dock leveler depends on the drive mechanism it uses and in this regard, there are three types. The types include the mechanical type, pneumatic, and the hydraulic type.

The cheapest kind of levelers is the mechanical one. It has a feature that entails a spring and chain to move raise or lower the deck. Docks that handle big volume of goods commonly use hydraulic levers. they are automated and operated just by a push of a button. The pneumatic type operate by use of airbags. Pneumatic levers are gaining popularity because of their simple operation mode and cost less to maintain.

Another dock leveler type that is widely used is the vertical dock leveler. This is a hydraulic leveler that stays vertical when it is not being used. This is easy to keep clean and improve its energy efficiency.

Before buying a leveler, one needs to take into account the volume of material that requires transfer, the weight that the leveler can handle, and whether it has height adjustment features.

Another dock loading gear is the vehicle restraint. It is used to improve safety at the dock. Vehicle restraints keep the trucks for offloading and loading held in pace. Disasters can result from accidental movement of trailers during the loading operations. One can use any type of vehicle restraint eg the mechanical, electro-mechanical or hydraulic types. When choosing this loading equipment, you ought to ensure that it is friendly to use.
Another loading equipment is the Dock Seals. Its the purpose is to seal the vents between the trailer and the door of the dock. This prevents air leakage. It also improves the safety of goods and aids in preventing their contamination . When air infiltration occurs, contamination results. There are inflatable seals which are the most extensively used. These seal the sides of the trailer and the top. There is the pad seal that is quite popular due to its cheap cost.

Aside from the above-mentioned equipment, there exists many other kinds of loading equipment like pumpers, lights, lifts etc. Several factors should be considered before purchasing loading dock equipment. Some of those include, the manufacturer, cost, safety features and equipment specifications like the capacity to bear certain weight size and material of the equipment.

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