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Things That You Did Not Know Your Stand Mixer Could Do

Stand mixers have become so popular, and maybe you already have one if you are someone who loves cooking. For those who have it you must be using it to mix your cakes and bread dough, beat your eggs for omelets, blend your soup and many other things. Those who have it see how convenient it is and if not you should go to the Sly Bros Appliances so you can get one. Most people prefer kitchen mixers, but it does not mean that you can not get one that is affordable.

You are not getting everything that you should be getting from your mixer if what we discussed above is all you are doing with it. With just the usual mixer you can do so many things with it that you may have done manually just by adding another tool you will be doing so much more with it. So lets look at several things that you mixer can do and you that you had no idea about.

You can make your guacamole with your stand mixer. Guacamole can be made using your mixer on a short top and without making a mess unlike if you did it by hand. The guacamole created by the mixer is smother than what you make by hand. You will not buy your guacamole again after you have tasted the home made one because it is tastier and fresh.

When you want your potatoes to be creamy it is difficult when you are using a hand masher. All you need to do is boil your potatoes, cut them into small pieces add some butter and cream and then mix you will have vegetables that are very tasty. Every one love having ice cream it tastes even better when you make it at home. So if you have a kitchen aid all you need is an ice cream attachment and you can make you fresh, creamy and delicious ice cream with your favorite flavors in less than thirty minutes.

Those people who live barbecues but they prefer not to use the sausages from the supermarket you can now make sausages with your stand mixer. All you need to do is add your meat and all the herbs that you want into the mixer and then using a sausage stuffing attachment to fill your sausages up and you will have the best sausage ever.

You will start to enjoy fresh pressed juice once you have purchased a juicing attachment from Macy’s and you will stop making those extracts that are said to be nice, but they do not taste that way. All you need to do is go to the market and get fresh fruits and vegetable, and you will have juices that are smooth, tastier, nutritious, and the best of all is that you know you are not taking any additives.