In the Process of Buying a New Laser Cutter? Be Sure to Ask These Questions Before Making a Decision

Laser cutters are used by metal fabricators, technical training schools and hobbyists all over the world. When the time comes to buy one of these machines, a buyer will need to weigh all of the options they have before making a selection. Failing to do a fair amount of research may lead to a person having a case of buyer’s remorse.

The best way to get some guidance during the laser cutter selection process is by working with knowledgeable professionals in the industry. Before deciding on which laser cutter to purchase, a buyer will need to ask themselves the following questions.

How Much Power is Needed?

One of the first decisions a laser cutter buyer will be faced with is how much power they need for the type of work they will be doing. Some inexperienced buyers think that investing in a laser cutter with the highest possible wattage is a good idea but this is not always the case. While wattage is important, the actual power of a machine comes from the quality of the optics used.

The only way a person can figure out which laser cutter is right for their needs is by getting a look at a few in operation. Most companies who sell these machines will have floor models set up for customers to take a look at before making a purchase.

What Size Bed Does a Buyer Need?

Most of the laser cutters on the market feature standard bed sizes that range from A1 to A3. Laser cutters with larger beds allow a user to fabricate larger pieces easily. Taking a moment to think about what type and size materials will be used regularly is important before making a decision on which laser cutter to purchase.

Before going out to look for a new laser cutter, a buyer should measure the space where their new machine will go. By doing this, they can narrow down the list of available machines with ease.

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