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The Best Programming Languages to Learn This Year

There has been a very big surge in the number of software developers in the world. The sector of the economy that is growing rapidly is that of software developers. The main work that a software developer does is to create applications and software. Programming languages are used by software developers to do their work. This year you will see that software developers are one of the most paid workers. What this implies is that a lot of software developers are needed and the pay is very good. Software is written or created using programming languages. It is the programming language used by the developer as well as the software is made that says which programming language is to be used. This year, you should learn the following programming languages.

The first programming language is javascript. In the career of a software developer, javascript is a programming language that he or she must come across. It has very extensive uses. Of the many things and applications that have been made using javascript the one that is most known is the popular internet search engine. It is super easy to learn how to use javascript. The god thing about javascript is that it is both a front-end and server-side programming language.

Python is the programming language that you should also learn. In the list of the programming language, you should learn, you should add python. A lot of software developers like the programming language python. This is because it is very simple to learn this is because of its user-friendly syntax. Python is the programming language that most people choose to begin to learn when they want to become software developers. Similar to the above programming language, Python has been found to be used is a wide range of applications.

The other programming language that you should get to learn is known as scala. Unlike the first 2 programming languages, scala is relatively new. All who have to learn java can easily learn to use scala since they are alike. You can be able to get the best of features that java has and that of javascript in scala. Scala is among the small number of programming language that is strongly typed.

Finally, we look at the programming language that is called Go. Go is one of the youngest programming languages to enter the market. It is not that widely used as per now. Go is a low-level programming language. It is because Go is a low-level programming language that more developers find it appropriate to be used in programming systems.

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