New title: Bergandi Offers Unmatched Quality And Service


Bergandi is recognized throughout the world for their wire processing machinery and for good reason. Their machines are unmatched in offering the highest quality in wire tying for the fence construction industry. Bergandi Machinery’s wire tying machines are designed to put out packages of wire ties at an efficient speed, supplying any fencing project, big or small.
The wire hooks processed by the machine can be made from aluminum, PVC, or steel and the quality will always be top of the line. The machine allows for four length settings and comes with a standard counter to make sure each batch has the predetermined number of tie in every package. This means you can be sure to supply the customer with his or her exact needs without having to worry about counting errors.

At a production capacity of 215 wires per minute or faster, the Bergandi Machinery wire tying machine can handle any size job. This means you can supply the needs for any customer’s fencing project without the delay that ordering from a distant supplier might cause. The lengths of the ties produced by the machine are 16.5, 20.9, and 21.05 cm (6-1/2″, 8-1/4″, and 8-1/2″) from any material. Additionally, wire steel ties can be produced in a longer length of up to 3 mm (11 ga).

What makes Bergandi Machinery’s wire tying equipment unique is that it’s priced to be cost-effective for any organization. It has also been designed to be user-friendly with a simple control panel and easy to read displays. This means anyone in your organization can operate the machine with minimal training. The machine has been built specifically for situations when it will be required to run around the clock, which means you won’t feel pressured to schedule shutdowns. Operators can also boost the speed of the machine to maximize efficiency and produce a higher quantity of wire ties. Whatever your needs, you can count on Bergandi Machinery’s devices to handle the workload. Bergandi Machinery backs up every purchase with training, consulting, and technical service to ensure you’re getting the most out of your new machine. Contact a Bergandi team member today to learn more about their wire tying machine.