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Traffic Offenses: Why it Helps to Enlist an Attorney

Once you’re given a citation for any sort of traffic violation in Fairfax, you’re entitled to due process and fair trial. If charged with DUI, hit and run, or speeding, you life can be adversely affected, making it vital that you resolve the problems as if you’re facing more severe criminal charges. It helps to engage a traffic ticket lawyer Fairfax County provides if accused of such violations for help coming up with a viable court defense or plea bargain toward limiting the severity of any potential conviction and sentencing.

Probing Accusations

A criminal defense attorney probes the violations cited against you, and there’s the likelihood of some of them ending up being shown to lack in prerequisite legal thresholds. The lawyer examines the circumstances leading up to the evidence, ascertaining the protection of your rights and your proper treatment. When law enforcement infringe on your rights, that may form basis for withdrawal or reduction of the charges.

Court Proceedings and Conviction

Once you’re taken to court, there many ways in which the case could end, and it’s vital that your defense approach is based on an assessment of all possibilities. One option that may be viable is plea bargaining. In that case, you and the prosecution strike a consensus where you own up to some of the accusations, and in turn, the prosecutor agrees to some compromises, like a less severe sentence or removal of certain accusations. Depending on what exactly you’re being accused of as a traffic offender, plea bargaining may get you community service, a shorter jail time, suspended fines, or charges set aside. You may also end up with limited driving rights.

Letting a traffic attorney Fairfax County provides take up your case is highly recommended for they’re capable of studying the specific accusations against you so as to deliver legal options with the most favorable prospects for your trial. Maybe you’re accused of DUI, DWI, speeding, or careless driving in Fairfax, you can trust a criminal defense to walk hand in hand with the prosecution to get the most beneficial sentence viable.

Driving Priviledges and Expungements

If found guilty and your driving license is suspended, there are ways to lift the temporary ban, reclaiming your driving privileges. This is also where an attorney prepares a logical assessment to convince the relevant authorities to reinstate your license. The lawyer also looks into the possibility of having the record of your traffic violations closed from public access via expungement, especially if the violations were dismissed, set aside, or fulfilled via community service or other plea bargaining outcome.

Enlist a criminal defense lawyer in Fairfax County for help with your traffic violations case.

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