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To some people the sole aim of buying a houseboat is to get away from the obvious option that there is when a person retires. The options being living in old homes or with family members. Houseboats are designed in different sizes and shapes starting from houseboats that are stationary serving as floating residences to those which are powered by motor which enable one to travel to many places on water.

Size, use and mobility are some factors to be considered when buying a houseboat. Therefore before being able to determine the type of houseboat that is suitable for your lifestyle or needs, perhaps you might rent a couple of houseboats so that you can clearly understand exactly what you require.

Those chronological houseboats can be turned into modernized vocational trips and tours. Houseboats from Alleppey historically were used as a transportation means for the citizens. Spices and rice and other good were transported by the natives in Alleppey. Houseboats were made of natural raw materials and their way of travelling was natural. Enjoying the view of backwaters the natives used the houseboats as a means of transport. Group trips, couples, employees and families were all idyllic travelers who enjoyed trips in houseboats to Alleppey.

Moving from offshore to the backwaters is now done using houseboats which have been made a transport means by the tourist industries. Houseboating is a fun and exploratory means of travel which gives the traveler a chance to explore native waters. Even for nature lovers, this trip is unique and adored by millions that think broadly and outside the box and love travel.

The size of a houseboat is about 18 feet wide and 118 feet long, and it is made of wood, coconut fibres and bamboos. Most of these houseboats have sundecks, bedrooms, balconies and kitchenettes not forgetting bathrooms.

Breakfast, breaktime tea, lunch and dinner are all meals that are served in Nice Alleppey houseboats who also take care of non-vegetarians and vegetarians. Houseboats have chefs who are able to arrange for any type of food that a special guest may order.

The river houseboat type is a popular type of houseboat so whether you are on a holiday or living permanently on a houseboat you might want to consider this. These types are those made using fiberglass and come in different sizes and shapes with several models ranging from the lower class to the first class. These are stable and large living area or have good accommodation with several features to enjoy.

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