4 Construction Technology Innovations To Enhance Production

Technology is a lot of help– no matter what industry you belong in. Although it may seem to be quite overwhelming at first, once you learn how to adapt to it, you’ll begin to enjoy the number of benefits it has to offer. To support that, here are the top 4 construction technology innovation that promotes better production.

3D Printing and Modular Construction

This is one of the few technological trends where modular units are created and built, and they’re transported and assembled for the site later. Through this, the construction schedule dramatically improves, and fabrication becomes code compliant. It also reduces downtime that’s often caused by weather and other conditions.

With 3D printing, further enhancements can be enjoyed not only on-site but off-site as well. For that reason, 3D printing makes it possible to perform additional improvements and reduce the possibilities of wastage. That also means what used to take several weeks to be completed would only now take a couple of hours instead. Shortly, we could expect that 3D printers will be capable of building an entire infrastructure seamlessly.


With BIM, you’ll be able to design, plan, and construct virtually. Likewise, through this, you’ll have digital representations that would allow you to identify issues and conflicts even before they happen easily. That’s why a lot of experts highly believe that with virtual design and construction, project teams can build a structure twice– both physically and virtually.

Likewise, design activities have been horizontally integrated across different disciplines, and the results have a positive impact on overall safety.

Wearable Technology

The beautiful thing about wearable technology is that they could connect with other devices, such as waterfilled barricades with sensors, efficiently. That means aside from keeping the workers safe, it also ensures that the wearer would be well protected even from his surroundings as well. This is probably one of the few reasons why more and more construction companies are introducing smart wearables to their workers.

Drones for Aerial Surveying

Back in the days, it’s not easy to survey the site, and it often takes months before this task can be completed. Times have changed; with the help of technology, what used to be a difficult task is something that you can efficiently perform now. Aside from the high-tech camera, drones are also equipped with laser scanners, GPS, and software that allow them to complete an environment survey the shortest time possible.

Then, for flight control, a lot of drones do come with a built-in accelerometer as well as a gyroscope. The information gathered by drones can be beneficial as it gives the engineers and surveyors the ability to assess essential data that could improve the overall process in the construction site.

Aside from that, another remarkable benefit of drones is that the could also scan vast stretches of terrain quickly at fast speeds, but that’s not all, they can also gather accurate scans from this.

Perhaps, the only issue with this would be having to deal with federal airspace as well as safety. However, these are something that would positively get resolved a few years from now.