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Reasons Why You Should Be In The First Position To implement The budget.

For any country to thrive in all aspects of development it must have a budget which is annually in most cases. Implementation of any budget is in a great way made possible by people who venture in businesses. Therefore the state must come with defined methods to ensure that businesses have performed well.

Developments or services for any nation are most of the time financed by the citizens through the payment of tax. Paying tax is for both the individual persons and the business itself and this happens within the prescribed time. Failure to pay tax as prescribed outlining the deadline date leads to punishment by way of penalty. Many people are dejected from venturing into business by the fact that there are no tax incentives existing; hence they are discouraged. Levying less tax for the dividends will enable many people who have the interest of buying shares to be more. Maximizing on the dividends returns is something common with the shareholders as it the motive. Levying the higher tax has the effect of not attracting investors of potential shareholders to buy shares.

The state may come up with projects that some are favorable while others are not favorable. The taxpayers should always be the biggest beneficiary of projects budgeted by the government. Renting or having a house of own is something that seems impossible to some people. The state should have a budget that accommodates these people by building affordable houses for them. This has got a lot significant in that it helps to improve the economy of the country because they have shelter under the roof. Despite the willingness of the government to build affordable houses to people it should also make sure that loans do not overburden the people.

The health conditions of people should be considered a lot and measures should be taken to ensure that the health problems are fought with. The the government setting sum of money can counter health problems and diseases of people in the budget. There are some diseases that come unware and infects a lot of people at once, and so the government should set money for that. The country cannot develop at such whereas people are suffering from certain diseases.

Tourism plays a key role in the collection of revenue to any state. The archaeological sites are built by the government that set money aside when budgeting. The government outsource income from the tourists who are attracted by the archaeological sites.

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