Things You Know About Blending Technologies


Before you go further, take a look around your home. Open your medicine cabinet to view your prescriptions. Find those shiny, new bolts you purchased. Pour out a jar of tomato sauce for tonight’s meal. Okay, come back.

These three items have one thing in common. No, it’s not that they cost more than you thought. They were all products of an industrial mixer. In other words, they were blended with other ingredients to generate what you saw. And, most likely, they were prepared in a ribbon blender.

Sold by companies like AIM Blending Technologies, these mixers are the backbone of American industry. They are extremely popular for a number of reasons.

First, their purchase cost is low. This means a greater Return on Investment (ROI) for the business owner. Second, minimal maintenance is required to keep them functional for daily operation. Third, ribbon mixers can be used to create any number of products.

In the medical world, these machines are used to mix pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. For construction, ribbon blenders fuse ingredients together for stucco, clay, and paint. And these mixers are a mainstay of the food industry. Thanks to initial small investments, the cost per pound of these generated products is considerably lower than other blenders.

There are two distinct styles of ribbon mixers. The most popular is one with a center bottom discharge of the combined product. This model is also the most efficient. The second model has an end discharge. This used when a customer needs to output material to a position where it moves to another device. A conveyor belt, for an example.

Mixing itself is done a number of ways. A continuous ribbon mixer provides a gentle, ongoing blend of separated, free-flowing powders. A vertical ribbon features a screw which takes the material to the top. It then falls back down into the mix. This repeats until the blend is completed.

What type of ribbon mixer is needed for your business? Of course, it depends on what you produce. Don’t purchase the first one you see. Consult with the manufacturer to understand the benefits of each mixer and how they can help your ROI. Take advantage of any tryout offer they have. This is going to assist you in selecting the right model for your business.